CSE 15L Winter 2020


Please read these carefully!

Lab Policy

Each lab session is worth 10 points:

  • Participation Points: You earn 10 points if you arrive within the first 5 minutes of the lab, and stay until completion.
  • You earn 5 points if you arrive between 5 and 15 minutes late and complete the lab.
  • You will be awarded no points if you arrive more than 15 minutes late.

Examples when participation points cannot be awarded (-10):

  • If you leave the lab earlier than the lab end time without receiving a lab checkoff.
    • If the lab ends at 4:50pm, and you leave before 4:50pm without checkoff, participation points cannot be awarded
    • Ensure that you receive a lab checkoff confirmation via email before you leave the lab. If you do not correct this before leaving the lab, you cannot receive credit at a later date.

Lab Selection:

  • Initial placement will be from your lab enrollment via WebReg at the end of week 1.
  • You can change your lab selection any time during the weekend for all upcoming lab sections.
  • Week 1: Change via WebReg.
  • Week 2 onward: Change via sections.ucsd.edu

Labs begin in Week 1.

You will be allowed to switch your lab section before Monday night at 11:59PM on sections.ucsd.edu.

Homework Policy

No late homework will be accepted. You will get a 0 if you submited the homework after due date

Regrade Policy

The student needs to initiate a regrade request within 1 week of an exam/lab/homework return date. Please submit a regrade request on Autograder. When your regrade requests sum to greater than 1% of your overall course grade, we will make any changes as soon as possible. Any outstanding requests at the end of the quarter will be addressed for students near a grade cutoff.